Filled with grains and seeds, yet so soft and light…

Discover our Range :

Ancient Grains

We’ve dusted off the history books to cook up a unique and delicious mix of buckwheat, spelt, amaranth and red quinoa.

Pumpkin Seeds & Chia

Enjoy a slice of sustained energy with pumpkin seeds and chia – two of nature’s nutritional powerhouses.

Mixed Grain

Bürgen Mixed Grain is a deliciously light and moist loaf with the goodness of wholegrains and wholesome ingredients. Available in both Toast and Sandwich slice.

Soy & Linseed

Bursting with taste and texture, our Soy & Linseed loaf is packed with goodness like Omega 3 ALA for heart health which makes it a favourite of Bürgen lovers all over the country. Available in both Toast and Sandwich slice.

Fruit toast

Made with juicy sultanas and wholegrains, this fruity little number adds a dash of decadence to your breakfast.

Wholemeal & Seeds

Healthy wholemeal bread combined with poppy seeds, sunflower seeds and mixed wholegrains plus protein and fibre – our special combination to satisfy hunger.

Spicy Fruit Gluten Free

Made with juicy sultanas and chia seeds, this fruity loaf adds a dash of decadence to your breakfast.

Soy & Linseed Gluten Free

Our Soy & Linseed loaf is mouthwateringly good.

Corn and Poppy Seed Gluten Free

A deliciously light and tasty loaf that’s packed with all the goodness of corn and seeds.

White Gluten Free

A deliciously soft, white loaf that’s sure to have you reaching for another slice.

Sunflower and Chia Seed

Packed with nutty and crunchy sunflower seeds and a generous sprinkling of delicious chia seeds.

Gluten and Dairy Free range

Bürgen Gluten and Dairy Free breads have been created and baked by experts to give you a nutritious product with outstanding taste and softness. Enjoy, better tasting, better textured, better looking gluten and dairy free breads that cater to a wide range of dietary needs, so you can have more variety when it comes to choosing a slice.